Aurora tours




Aurora tours


The Northern Lights have always fascinated Arctic people.  The flaming aurora borealis may sometimes entertain us with their playful dance long into the night, while at other times, this mystical natural phenomenon may disappear in the blink of an eye. Before being scientifically explained, this beautiful natural phenomenon induced many mystical beliefs. The Sámi people, in particular, had many beliefs about the Northern Lights.


During our Northern Lights explorations, we strive to find an ideal place for seeing the Aurora Borealis. On default all our Aurora tours start at 19:30 and last for 2-3 hours, but we are also flexible of departure times based on the weather circumstances. We follow various aurora forecast applications and weather forecasts to plan our Aurora tours to ensure our guests the best possibilities to enjoy this natural phenomenon. We are able to go to the fells in sleighs pulled by a snowmobile, take a car or a bus to drive further away or snowshoes to stay in the surroundings. During every Aurora tour, we explain what the aurora borealis meant for the Sámi people in the old days.

Minimum 2 adults.

Bookings 1 day prior before 18.00. 

Duration 2-3h

Price 125€ / adult, 65€ / child under 12 years

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