With these acts we want to rise up the quality and ecologicalness of our services, offer you more tastier food and work with durability in our enviroment – in the pristine and beautiful nature of Utsjoki.


  • Our hotel warms up with ecological geothermal heating.
  • Wastes are recycled. In the cabins there are bins for organic waste and mixed waste. Read more from the cabin book!
  • You can give the empty bottles to the staff of holiday village. We will recycle them for you.
  • We wont change towels everyday – but we will change them while day cleaning if you leave them on the floor.
  • We use LED-lights in all the lamps where its possible.


  • There is automatic lights and faucets in the toilets in order to save water and energy. 
  • All our toilets are equipped with number one and number 2 buttons.
  • We dont use disposable cups/plates. Our tableware is Finnish, top quality and durable. 
  • We aim to use local ingredients as much as possible. Reindeer meet is always from Utsjoki, as well as the berries. We favor local ingredient providers and associates. 

Traditions and nature

  • Utsjoki is the only Finnish municipal with Sámi majority. In our holiday village you can experience the Sámi culture in detail, especially in the colors and decorations of the restaurant and in the menu. 
  • The river Teno has brought life to the village for a few centuries and it is the largest and most significant salmon river in europe. We honor our river, because it brings us our living. We do not litter or disturb the fish and animals of the river. Even from the teracce of the restaurant you might see a fox running, eagle flying or a salmon jumping. The water is drinkable almost everywhere in Utsjoki.