Northern Lights, Husky Safari in Tana, Reindeer safari, Sámi culture and relaxing in the beautiful Sami Village in the northernmost Lapland, close to Norway and the Arctic Ocean.

Slowdown winter week in Utsjoki

This program is a natural and genuine choice for a traveler, who is looking for untamed nature and an original culture.

 Utsjoki offers a natural environment to slow down – to breathe freely, smell the fragile fragrances of the pristine northern nature, savour the delicacies that the forests and sparkling waters have to offer. The vibrant Sámi culture is full of stories, things to see and experiences for everyone. During your stay you will learn a lot about nature, reindeer & reindeer herding, local people and the life in this small northern village. Come and enjoy the slower lifestyle in Utsjoki.

Utsjoki, the land of the Sámi, is the northernmost municipality in Finland and the only municipality where the majority of the 1400 inhabitans are Sámi. The sámi culture still lives very strongly in Utsjoki and there are more than 10.000 reindeer in the area. In winter the Northern lights, the starry heavens and the moon lend a mystical twilight which hangs suspended above the landscape. In summer Utsjoki has the lengthiest period of the Midnight Sun. There are three “Ailigas” – “holy fells” In the municipality, of which one raises its lofty peak in the vicinity of the village. During the safaris and treks you may see the ptarmigan, which is the world´s northernmost arctic fowl. Elks, wolfs, lynxes, wolverines, foxes, eagles and the great grey owl live also here.


Following your flight into Ivalo, you will be transferred to your accommodation in Utsjoki. The northern skies are visible all the way to your destination and many have witnessed a display of the Aurora already during the transfer – what a way to be welcomed! 

Depending on when your flight lands, you will either have dinner in the restaurant on arrival or a packed dinner during the journey. Your Sámi hosts will greet you at your accommodation. You can head to your cabin or hotelroom to enjoy your first peaceful night in the very north of Finland.


 After breakfast you will meet your guide who will give you the warm winter clothes. You will do a Snowshoe tour to the nature nearby with your guide, who will tell you about the nature and animals. You will also learn how to read animal footprints and how to light fire. The valley is a historically significant sacred area of the Sámi people since thousands of years. There are lots of historical signs of ancient times. Duration 2 h.

Lunch in restaurant. The afternoon is free time. The dinner is served at our restaurant in the evening.


 Today you will get to know better the reindeer, which are very important to the Sámi culture and history. After breakfast there will be a short transfer to the reindeer fence nearby. You will meet and feed the reindeer before starting a short reindeer safari. Warm drinks will be served by the campfire in a traditional “Lavvu” after the reindeer safari. Your guide will tell you about the reindeer and the life of Sámi. Duration 2h. Lunch in restaurant. The afternoon is free time. The dinner is served at our restaurant in the evening.


After ca. 60 minute drive, we will arrive at the husky farm on the Norwegian side of the border river Teno. At the husky farm the dogs will greet you with a friendly bark, eagerly waiting to take you for a safari. Once the guide has given the instructions for the husky ride, we can start our journey into the imposing fell landscape. After the 2 hour safari, we will enjoy hot beverages and a small snack by open fire. During the break the guide will tell you about his Arctic family members, the huskies and life at a husky farm. Before the transfer back to Utsjoki you will have time to say goodbye to the dogs and take photos. Total duration of the program is ca. 4 hours, including transfers. Lunch in restaurant. The afternoon is free time. The dinner is served at our restaurant in the evening.


After breakfast you will have a free day. You can relax and enjoy the silence of the area, or instead do a snowshoe or cross-country skiing trip in the nearby nature by yourself. You can also take a walk to the village house Giisa, where the locals like to come to share the news of the day. There is also a local handcraft shop located in Giisa. Lunch and dinner will be served at our restaurant. 

During your free days you are able to book various optional activities. 


 After breakfast you can relax or book additional activities. Lunch will be served at our restaurant. Highlight of the day is the traditional dinner in Fállegoahti. The hut has received its name from a hawk, who nested near the hut, on the Norwegian side, across the river Teno. The hawk still lives on the area, as she can be seen flying low on the river Teno valley and thus keeping us entertained, and those visiting the hut during summer nights.

During the dinner, you will hear lots of stories about Sámi life and the history of the culture. After the dinner, we will calm down and listen to an enchanting Sámi yoik performance. Your guide is dressed in his traditional Sámi dress, gákti. 


Breakfast and free time depending on the departure time of your flight. Check-out and transfer to Ivalo airport. Bye-bye amazing Sámiland!


Please note that the order of the daily activities may change according to the day of your arrival.

DURATION: 8 Days / 7 Nights

DATES: Every week Saturday-Saturday or SundaySunday (or on request) between 19.11.2022 – 24.12.2022 & 07.01.2023 – 25.03.2023

GROUP SIZE: 2-­12 persons, several groups 

PRICE 28.01.2023-25.03.2023

In the new hotel Deatnu opened in December 2016 

1823 €/person in double/twin room

2217 €/person in single room (double for single use)

In holiday cabins for 2­-4 persons: 

1971 €/person, when 2 persons in the cabin  

1790 €/person, when 3 persons in the cabin

1690 €/person, when 4 persons in the cabin

CHILDREN: 1113€/child 4-­11 years, when with min. 2 adults in the same cabin or in extra bed in hotel room with two adults


PRICE  19.11.2022-24.12.2022 & 07.01.2023-28.01.2023

In the new hotel Deatnu opened in December 2016 

1723 €/person in double/twin room

2117 €/person in single room (double for single use)

In holiday cabins for 2­-4 persons: 

1871 €/person, when 2 persons in the cabin  

1690 €/person, when 3 persons in the cabin

1590 €/person, when 4 persons in the cabin

CHILDREN: 1013€/child 4­-11 years, when with min. 2 adults in the same cabin or in extra bed in hotel room with two adults.


Transfers from airport Ivalo to Utsjoki and from Utsjoki back to airport, 7 nights in cozy hotel rooms with shower/toilet or in holiday cabins (2-4 persons per cabin), full board (from dinner on Day 1 until breakfast on Day 6), activities as mentioned in the program, necessary equipment for the activities, English speaking wilderness guides and hosts. 


The family-run Holiday Village Valle is situated by the legendary Teno river, just 2 km from Utsjoki village center. Holiday Village Valle is a wonderful destination for travelers that are looking for untamed nature, genuine cultural experiences and fantastic nature-based activities all year round. In summer fishing in the Teno River and in the Fell lakes is extremely popular along with hiking in the fells, visit to reindeer farm, biking, canoeing, hunting, trips to Norway & Arctic Ocean. In winter this is a wonderful destination to hopefully view the Northern Lights. Various Aurora activities can be arranged along with reindeer rides and safaris, snowshoe and cross-country skiing trips, winter fishing, snowmobile transfers and safaris, tours to Norway and Arctic Ocean, and much more.


The new hotel building was opened in December 2016 and has 12 high quality twin rooms with huge panorama windows, a breathtaking view towards the northern sky and the beautiful Teno river valley. Each room is equipped with private bathroom, a television, hairdryer, kettle and fridge.


 The cabins overlook the nearby river and have a traditional and a homely feel. Each cabin has 2 twin bedrooms, a cozy living room with kitchenette and delightful open fireplace. A private bathroom with sauna is also included, as well as TV and hairdryer.


This spacious and modern suite has 4 cozy twin bedrooms. Guests can take advantage of a well-equipped dining area with kitchenette and roaring fireplace. A homely living room with TV, private sauna and shower, two bathrooms and a hairdryer are also included.

 The new restaurant Deatnu with 50 seats and reception is just a few steps from the lodgings, with wonderful view to the Teno river and the opposite dramatic Norwegian fells. This unique restaurant offers a wide range of local delicacies and specializes in traditional dishes which have long been enjoyed by the Sámi people.


Holiday Village Valle, Ellintie 25, FI-99980 Utsjoki, Finland

Email: | Tel.+358400948210