Church cottages and old post road

Church cottages and old post road

We’ll take a car ride to the church cottages of Utsjoki. The cottages are the most valuable cultural heritage of Utsjoki. The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The cottages are owned by the Sámi family and originated in the early 19th century. Here you can truly feel the atmosphere of the old times.

After visiting the church area, we go to the path that leads us up to the fells. Part of the trail was used by the mailmen hundreds of years ago. They walked over hundred kilometers to get the mail delivered. The path will lead us up to the fells where opens up a breath taking scenery to the Norwegian mountain area. Half way of the trip we will enjoy a warm lunch by an open fire. The guide will tell you about the local wildlife and plants during the trip. The hike is around ten kilometers and ends in the resort village.

Lunch included.

Bookings 1 day prior before 18.00.

Group size: minimum 2 adults.
Duration: 4h
Price: 95 adult / 50€ children
Day: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Bookings via email