Autumn Auroras in Utsjoki


Autumn Auroras in Utsjoki

Utsjoki, the land of the Sámi, is the northernmost municipality where the majority of the 1200 inhabitans are Sámi. The Sámi culture still lives very strongly in Utsjoki and there are more than 10.000 reindeer in the area. In winter the Northern lights, the starry heavens and the moon lend a mystical twilight which hangs suspended above the landscape.

The Northern Lights have always fascinated arctic people

The flaming aurora borealis may sometimes entertain us with their playful dance long into the night, while at other times, this mystical natural phenomenon may disappear in the blink of an eye. Before being scientifically explained, this beautiful natural phenomenon induced many mystical beliefs. The Sámi people, in particular, had many beliefs about the Northern Lights.

During our Northern Lights explorations, we strive to find an ideal place for seeing the Aurora Borealis. On default all our Aurora tours start after dinner and last 2-3 hours, but we are also flexible on the departure times based on the circumstances and the time of year. We follow various aurora forecast applications and weather forecasts to plan our Aurora tours to offer our guests the best possible chances to enjoy this natural phenomenon. We can take a car or a bus to drive further away or to stay in the surroundings, depending on the current situation. During every Aurora tour, we explain what the aurora borealis meant for the Sámi people back in the olden days.

Day 1: Arrival

Following your flight into Ivalo, you will be transferred to your accommodation in Utsjoki. The northern skies are visible all the way to your destination and many have witnessed a display of the Aurora already during the transfer – what a way to be welcomed! Depending on when your flight lands, you will either have dinner in the restaurant on arrival or a packed dinner during the journey. 

Your Sámi hosts will greet you at your accommodation. You can head to your cabin or hotel room to enjoy your first peaceful night in the very north of Finland.


Day 2: Nature tour in The Sacred valley

After breakfast you will be meeting with your guide who will give you the warm winter clothes. You will do a Nature tour to the nature nearby with your guide, who will tell you about the nature and area. You will also learn how to make fire. You will prepare coffee together by the campfire. The valley is a historically significant sacred area of the Sámi people since thousands of years. There are lots of historical signs of ancient times. Duration 2-3h.

After dinner we learn about the Northern Lights, how to take photos of them and how to adjust the camera settings for aurora photographing. Then we go out, and if we are lucky, we can admire the Northern Lights dancing in the sky and photograph them. For taking the photos of Northern Lights you need a proper tripod to hold your camera steady, and the camera needs to be good in low light conditions. Warm drink is included. Duration 2h.

Day 3: Church Huts, Sámi culture and Village Tour

Today you will get to know the Sámi culture and history. After breakfast there will be a transfer to the Church Huts near the church. Your guide will tell you about life of Sámi. After that we come back to the village and you have a possibility to buy some handigrafts from the shop. If you want, you can walk back to Valle or we can pick you back. Duration 2-3h.

After the dinner we will start an Aurora tour.

Day 4: Free day for optional activities or relaxing

After breakfast you have free day. You can relax and enjoy the silence of the area, or instead do a walking trip in the nearby nature by yourself. You can also book additional activities. 

After dinner we will start an Aurora tour. 

Day 5: Departure

Breakfast and free time depending on the departure time of your flight. Check-out and transfer to Ivalo airport. Bye-Bye amazing Sámiland!

Please note that the order of the daily activities may change according to your day of arrival. 

Holiday Village Valle

Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights

Dates: Every week Sunday – Thursday (or on request) between 11.09.-4.12.2022

Group size: 2-12 persons, several groups 


Services included:

Transfer from airport Ivalo to Utsjoki and from Utsjoki back to the airport, 4 nights in cozy hotel rooms with shower/wc or in holiday cabins (2-4 persons per cabin), half board (5 x breakfast & 5 x dinner), activities as mentioned in the program, warm outdoor clothing for the whole stay (warm overalls, socks, mittens, boots, hat), necessary equipment for the activities, English speaking wilderness guides and hosts.


In the new hotel Deatnu opened in December 2016, panorama windows

1121€/person in double /twin room

1331€/person in single room (double for single use)

In holiday cabins for 2-4 persons:

1309€/person, when 2 persons in the cabin

1209€/person, when 3 persons in the cabin

1159€/person, when 4 persons in the cabin

Children: 801€/ child 4-11 years, when with min. 2 adults in the same cabin or in extra bed in hotel room with two adults.

Additional day:

118€/ person in double/twin room incl. half board

161€/ person in single room incl. half board

139€/ person incl. half board, when 2 persons in the cabin

118€/ person incl. half board, when 3 persons in the cabin

105€/ person incl. half board, when 4 persons in the cabin

64€/ child incl. half board, with 2 adults in the cabin or in extra bed in hotel room with 2 adults.

 Optional activities

Min. 2 adults, if not otherwise mentioned

Tour to the Arctic Ocean by car

Guided tour by car to Varangefjord and Nessebyfishing village by the Arctic Ocean in Norway. During the day we will visit a sea Sámi museum and learn a lot about the life at the scaseide fjord and how the life is today by the Arctic Ocean. We will also visit a historically valuable site in Nesseby, right at the shore of the Arctic Occean, where a Sámi worship site ”Seita” is located. On our way back, we will stop by a handcraft workshop in Tana village, where Sámi handcrafts are also sold.

Duration of the program is ca. 5 hours. Min. 4 adults.

Price 200€/ adult; 100€/ child.

Finnish pancakes by open fire

Today you will learn Finnish way to make pancakes by open fire. This afternoon we take a walk to our ”kota”. Our guide tells you about the Finnish way to make different food by open fire. You will get your pan and then you can start to prepare delicious pancakes for yourself. We will enjoy hot beverages together with the pancakes.

Duration of the program is 1 hour. Min. 2 adults.

Price 30€/ person.


We will enjoy dinner in a traditional Sámi hut which is well hidden from the noices from the road and from people. During the dinner, you will hear lots of stories about the Sámi life, history and culture. After dinner we will quiet down and listen to an enchanting Sámi yoik performance. Your guide is dressed in his/her traditional Sámi dress, gákti.

Durarion of the program is 2 hours. Min. 4 adults.

Price 70€/ adult; 35€/ child.


The family-run Holiday Village Valle is situated by the legendary Teno river, just 2 km from Utsjoki village center. Holiday Village Valle is a wonderful destination for travelers that are looking for untamed nature, genuine cultural experiences and fantastic nature-based activities all year round. In summer fishing in the Teno River and in the Fell lakes is extremely popular along with hiking in the fells, visit to reindeer farm, biking, canoeing, hunting, trips to Norway & Arctic Ocean. In winter this is a wonderful destination to hopefully view the Northern Lights. Various Aurora activities can be arranged along with reindeer rides and safaris, snowshoe and cross-country skiing trips, winter fishing, snowmobile transfers and safaris, tours to Norway and Arctic Ocean, and much more.


The new hotel building was opened in December 2016 and has 12 high quality twin rooms with huge panorama windows, a breathtaking view towards the northern sky and the beautiful Teno river valley. Each room is equipped with private bathroom, a television, hairdryer, kettle and fridge.


 The cabins overlook the nearby river and have a traditional and a homely feel. Each cabin has 2 twin bedrooms, a cozy living room with kitchenette and delightful open fireplace. A private bathroom with sauna is also included, as well as TV and hairdryer.


This spacious and modern suite has 4 cozy twin bedrooms. Guests can take advantage of a well-equipped dining area with kitchenette and roaring fireplace. A homely living room with TV, private sauna and shower, two bathrooms and a hairdryer are also included.

 The new restaurant Deatnu with 50 seats and reception is just a few steps from the lodgings, with wonderful view to the Teno river and the opposite dramatic Norwegian fells. This unique restaurant offers a wide range of local delicacies and specializes in traditional dishes which have long been enjoyed by the Sámi people.


Holiday Village Valle, Ellintie 25, FI-99980 Utsjoki, Finland

Email: | Tel.+358400948210