High-quality accommodation in beautiful landscape

High-quality accommodation in beautiful landscape

The cosy cabins and comfortable apartments in our resort village are perfect for both families and groups. We provide our guests with high-class accommodation right next to and with a view to the river Teno in a peaceful, serene natural setting.

After the daytime activities, sit back and relax by the fireplace of your cabin or enjoy the gentle warmth of a Finnish sauna (only available in cabins).

All accommodation options in the resort village are well equipped and suitable for winter lodging. They all feature WiFi, running water, indoor toilets and showers. Our hotel boasts floor heating so it feels wonderful to your feet.

Twin/double rooms in Hotel Deatnu

Standard twin/double rooms are ideal for couples, singles and even for a small families since some rooms are connectible. Rooms are equipped with twin/double 90 cm beds, television, hair dryer and electric kettle for making tea/coffee, which are also provided.
The large riverside windows are towards North, so you have a good chance watching Northern Lights straight from your hotel room!

Grandpa’s Villa for 8 person

Our largest accommodation option is ideal for larger groups.  there is 4 twin rooms, dining area with kitchenette with fireplace, a homely living room, two toilets and a private sauna and shower.

Bookings via email.

Riverside cabins

Our cabins are ideal for four person. There is two bedrooms, a cosy living room with kitchenette and a delightful open fireplace. Cabins also each have a private sauna, shower room and toilet.