Deatnu restaurant

We serve traditional lappish food

Traditional Lappish food

Enjoy delicacies made of clean, locally produced, gathered and hunted foodstuff straight from the nature. Our restaurant specialises in traditional Sámi dishes and we use local products and ingredients from the nature as much as possible.

Our dishes are prepared according to the season, using a wide selection of high-quality raw materials, such as berries, mushrooms, game meat, fish and reindeer. Come and taste our genuine, local flavours!

Opening times

Weekdays 11-22

Weekend 16-21

Lunch 11-14

Ala Carte 15-21 (Sat 16-21 and Sun 16-20)




Soup of beefsteak morel and smoked reindeer (G,L) 9,30€/13,50€

Toasted white bread

Leyda Pinot Noir Reserva 2014, Chile

Green salad (G,LF, E) 6,80€/10,50€

Seasonal salad and vegetables

Whistling Track Sauvignon Blanc 2014, Uusi-Seelanti

Bread basket (LF) 3,80€

Rye bread, white bread and cream cheese with herbs

Main courses

Fried salmon (G, LF, E) 27.40 €

Mashed potatoes with dill or mushroom risotto or Caesar salad, warm vegetables, tartare sauce

Morillon Blanc 2014, Jeff Carrel

Champagne André Clouet Brut Grande Réserve

White fish from Inari lake (G, LF) 20.00 €

Inari whitefish, mashed potatoes with dill, warm vegetables, Valle’s special butter and onion sauce

Whistling Track Sauvignon Blanc 2014,  Lismore Wines

Guolbba steak (G, LF) 28.00 €

Sirloin steak 200g, plank potatoes, warm vegetables, red wine sauce, seasoned butter

Hito Tinto 2014, Cepa 21/Emilio Moro, Ribeira del Duero, Spain or Sponsà Veronese 2013, Tenuta Sant´Antonio, Veneto, Italy

Sauteed reindeer (G, LF) 28.60 €

Reindeer roast, mashed potatoes, lingonberry purée, pickled cucumber,

Côtes du Rhône Rouge 2013, Château de Montfaucon

Aitti burger (G, LF, E) 19.30 €

Reindeer/elk hamburger 200g, vegetables, marinated red onion, pickled cucumber, house mayo and plank potatoes,

Côtes du Rhône Rouge 2013, Château de Montfaucon

Vegetable cake (G, LF) 19.40 €

Mushroom risotto and warm vegetables

Leyda Pinot Noir Reserva 2014, Viña Leyda

French fries (G, LF, E) 5.80 €

LF lactose-free, LL low-lactose, G gluten-free, E egg-free


Finnish squeaky cheese and cloudberries  (LF, G) 13.60 €

Finnish squeaky cheese simmered in cinnamon-seasoned cream, served with cloudberries

Château Carsin Liquoreux 2008

Frozen cranberries 10.20 €

Frozen cranberries and hot caramel sauce

Pacific Rim Riesling Vin de Glacière 2012

Scoop of icecream 3.80 €

Vanilla LF

Dressing 1.00 €

Caramel, strawberry, chocolate or liquorice