Welcome to Holiday village Valle!

Holidayvillage Valle is Sámi family company, that has roots in the local nature and culture. We are located in the northernmost Finland, next to the Europes best salmon river Teno, close to Utsjoki village. We offer high quality accomodations, food and activities in the beautifull arctic scenery of Lapland!


Welcome to experience genuine arctic activities throughout the year.
Reindeer rides, ice-fishing, snowshoe expeditions, skiing, hunting
for the northern lights, reindeer-assisted hikes, salmon fishing,
fell fishing and loads more. See what we have to offer around the year!

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Holiday Village Valle is located in northern Lapland in the middle of the amazing nature and arctic wilderness.
N 69 ° 55' 31.753'' | E 26° 59' 55.746''

Helsinki 1089 km | Lontoo 2482 km | New York 7116 km | Tokyo 6208 km


The cosy cabins and comfortable apartments in our resort village are perfect for both families and groups. We provide our guests with high-class accommodation right next to the river Teno in a peaceful, serene natural setting.

After the daytime activities, sit back and relax by the fireplace or enjoy the gentle warmth of a Finnish sauna. All accommodation options in the resort village are well equipped and suitable for winter lodging. They all feature running water, indoor toilets, showers and saunas.

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Each of the four seasons offer different kinds of possibilities for enjoying the nature in Lapland. Winter is the time of the northern lights and a season for enjoying the quietness and the polar darkness. Come spring, the first sunrays can be seen in the southern sky. In the summer, the nightless night keeps the people energized and during the autumn, the nature shines in countless shades of red, yellow and purple.

Deatnu restaurant

Enjoy delicacies made of clean, locally produced, gathered and hunted foodstuff straight from the nature. Our restaurant specialises in traditional Sámi dishes and we use local products and ingredients from the nature as much as possible. Our dishes are prepared according to the season, using a wide selection of high-quality raw materials, such as berries, mushrooms, game meat, fish and reindeer. Come and taste our genuine, local flavours!

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